I just got back from seeing Kung Fu Panda 2, and I have to say that movie is great. It was a tad cheesy, but what do you expect from a movie primarily for children? I really hope there’s a 3rd installment. I don’t see how there couldn’t since the end definitely set up this series for one.

Afterward I ate dinner at Genghis Grill, which is always good. This was the first time I’ve seen them ring the gong and light the stove on fire too. Very cool! Or should I say hot because of the fire? hahah

Now I’m off to meet up with my small group. ttfn!

Mummy Mia

Oh my gosh, I had one of the most bizarre dreams I’ve had in a while. I was in this jungle in Egypt (there isn’t even a jungle in Egypt) and the group I was with told me that I needed to be aware that at night the stores are usually robbed or attempted to be robbed. So of course I  say I won’t even be in a store at night because that’s stupid to put yourself at risk. However, night falls upon me and I’m stuck in this store (mind you that these stores are like clay huts with a wooden door and maybe a window to let light in) with some guy who tells me to get behind him and he’ll take care of any robber. Almost as if it was cued, a mummy comes in. He kills the mummy with a scythe after struggling a little bit, then a vampire comes in. I’m like “what the fudge man?” in the background because I didn’t even think this could happen. Yeah sure, mummies make sense, but a vampire? The guy kills the vampire with the scythe again, and I think I’m safe. Then another mummy comes in. This mummy isn’t like the previous one, though. This one is must’ve been on steroids. The guy uses a few weapons to kill this mummy, and it looks like it’s going to die, but right before it would’ve fallen over it started to retaliate. It was so scary! It gives this guy no mercy, and I think I’m going to be next after this mummy finishes him off. I couldn’t help but scream “NO!” as I make my way around the mummy to the door to leave, and right before I’m going to make a run for it, the guy and the mummy stop, and they say that’s how one should fight with the mummies/ vampires/ robbers. I was so confused.


For some reason the dream didn’t feel real. I mean, a lot of dreams feel real when you’re in them, but this one felt only half real. Maybe that explains how at the end it was all just a demonstration at how to fight with the enemy. Ahh, I don’t really know. I’ll never have to be in that situation anyway (I hope).


I didn’t do a whole l lot. I slept in, which was much needed, and I played Sims 3 for a few hours. At around 6:30 I met up with some friends for dinner at a sushi place, but I don’t really like sushi so I had spicy chicken wings instead. Then we went to the Microsoft store to play Dance Central for a while. So fun! I love that game.

Speaking of Xbox games, my brother just got Mortal Kombat. I have been asking him to get it for a while now, and he finally gave in and got it since his friends got it too. That game is so intense; it’s almost too gross at times. If you’ve ever played it, you’d know what I mean. haha

I’m really tired now, so go to bed after playing Tiny Wings for a bit. Goodnight!

This could be the beginning

If I was told earlier today that after seeing Bridesmaids tonight that I would come across a film shoot at the big fountain in the mall, I wouldn’t believe it. Turns out, it did. And it was awesome.

While my friend was gushing about how hot the actor was, I was overjoyed I was here watching a legit film crew filming something. We asked one of the mall cops what was going on, and he said that Terrell Suggs from the Baltimore Ravens was the producer and/or the director for this independent film, and that the production company was a smaller company. So this wasn’t a major motion picture situation, but it was still a pretty big deal.

I didn’t think this could get any cooler until I saw that the clapper guy (the person who claps this) was a guy I knew from my video productions class last year. I guess you could say that I was flabbergasted. I knew that he had dropped the class after the first semester because he was getting film jobs that were going to keep him busy, but I had no idea that I was see him again, much less like this! It was just crazy.

After the shoot was done, I was debating whether or not to go up to him and say hi because he looked busy, but he finally went over to his station looking less busy so I took the opportunity to say hi. We exchanged numbers and he said that he’d let me know if anything I could help out with comes up. Oh my God, I hope he really does hook me up with a job or even an internship. I don’t care as long as I get experience. This is what I’ve been waiting for!

All this makes me think about what wouldn’t have happened if I ended up not going to the movies tonight and how my future now has been altered by what has happened. This reminds me things really do happen for a reason.

And to end this post off, I present another crappy cell phone picture my friend took against the crew’s “no pictures/video” policy:

That blinding light is what caught my attention after leaving the theater.It was incredibly bright. haha

June 4th: Milo is a year old!

He has been on this earth for a year now. It’s really weird to think of my puppy that was small enough to hold in one hand when I got him is now a full grown dog. This won’t stop me from calling him a puppy, though. He’s small enough to make it work.

From this:

We saw him for the first time until we got him at 8 weeks.

To this:

The day we got him! (:

To this:

He was just starting to fill out in his body shape.

And finally to this:

He's full grown, and he's got a little beard/mustache!

I love him!